Serum-free Media

The CTL Serum-free Media portfolio was developed for low background and high signal to outperform the best sera, and are quality-controlled for optimal and consistent performance in T cell and B cell assays.
CTL-Test™ Medium

For direct ex vivo testing of PBMC in cellular cytokine assays (ELISPOT, ELISA, CBA, CPA)

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CTL-Test™ PLUS Medium

Facilitates detection of rare antigen-specific Th1, Th2, and Th17 memory cells

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CTL-Test™ B Medium

Formulated for expansion and ex vivo testing of PBMC in B cell ELISPOT and ELISA assays

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CTL-Wash™ Supplement 10x

Nutrient-rich supplement for PBMC to maintain full viability and functionality

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CTL-Cryo™ ABC Media Kit

Serum-free freezing media kit for cryopreservation of freshly-isolated PBMC

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CTL Anti-Aggregate Wash™ 20x Solution

Stabilizes PBMC during thawing and prevents cell loss due to aggregation

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